More than Just Shooting Rocks

Months ago, when I convinced my begrudging roommate to playtest Orbitroids for the first time, I received some advice that I was at first reluctant to deal with. After ten minutes of playing the game, he told me he was bored of "just shooting rocks". It was scary to hear this back then, because I... Continue Reading →

When is Reality Appropriate?

Game design is tricky in a lot of different ways and can lead to some amazing, unique things. You can read here about how gamers are quite literally helping astronomers discover exoplanets through the game design of EVE Online. However, given the amount of time players spend on games, particularly in the hardcore communities, poor... Continue Reading →

Designing for Difficulty

Two games that I have recently been playing a lot are Celeste and Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. I highly recommend them both to anyone reading this. Something that each of these games are renowned for among the gaming community is their intense difficulty. These two are definitely not alone in that regard. Dark... Continue Reading →

Getting Inspired by Interface Design

Something I've been hearing from many game developers recently is how much people hate working on their game's user interface. The resounding consensus of the community sounds something like "Despite how much you (or I) hate working on it, the UI is the first thing people see when they open your game and if your... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Prototype

Prototyping video games is seriously amazing. It's undoubtedly the funnest stage of the development process, as you can see your game take shape before your eyes as if you are opening a pop-up book. It is also my favorite way of learning new tools. Want to play around with something you found in the Unity... Continue Reading →

Hello World!

Welcome to my game dev blog! Since this is my first post, introductions are in order. My name is Avery and I'm developing a game called Orbitroids "Who? Orba-what? Why the blog?" you might ask. For starters, Orbitroids is my very first game. If that isn't an exciting enough reason to start a blog, then,... Continue Reading →

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